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What is your favorite thing about Wow Bao?

I enjoy how nice and 'happy to be there' the employees are!

My favorite thing about Wow Bao is that they keep it real. The buns are authentic, and fill me with nostalgia of my amazing trip to China in the summer.

I have a huge crush on the coconut custard bao, I want to bathe in a bath full of them.

The endless creative angles you guys take to entertain the audience with your Baos!!

My favorite thing about Wow Bao is it makes not only my face smile but my tummy smile as well!

My favorite thing about Wow Bao is stopping in for a coffee in the morning on my way to work and being greeted by the friendly staff! Love having that as a start to my mornings.

It's wowbaolicious!

Besides their Hot Asian Buns, my favorite thing about Wow Bao is their Hibiscus Tea. Most refreshing drink of the summer!

The best thing about Wow Bao's is right after you take that first bite an all the favors hit your tounge at once. It feels like you're riding the raging bull from six flags but it's my taste buds on the roller coaster....

My favorite thing about Wow Bao is the infamous Bao itself. It looks so innocent and unsuspecting, but then when you take that first bite, those little suckers take you straight to flavortown, as the legendary Guy Fieri would say. All hail the Bao.

My favorite thing about Wow Bao is the environment that they're in. Everyone in Wow Bao are kind, and respectful. Not only is the food delicious, but Wow Bao delivers a very positive vibe. Love this place.

The girls I used to babysit never liked trying new food. Their mom took them to Wow Bao and they absolutely loved it! They're now open to trying new foods, and of course, indulging on Wow Bao! This makes my favorite thing about Wow Bao the fact that it's something enjoyable by people of all ages!!

No matter what kind of day I've had at work, Wow Bao is always extremely friendly and generous. I will always be a regular here!

Wow Bao is my go-to spot for fast and delicious cuisine, whether it be a lunch, dinner, or chocolately dessert snack.

I don't have to eat meat here. My friends will actually hang out with me because I'm the only vegatarian in the squad. Thank you!

I love that I can walk in, go to the take out order machine or to a cashier, get yummy hot pot stickers really quick and still catch my bus or train on time. No long waits, great food, in sync with my lifestyle.

The amazing food quality, Wow Bao has such an authentic taste coupled with wonderful hopspitality and service.

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